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Challenges and opportunities came to me as dimensions augmented and medium were not a restrictive mode of expression. The Challenge would be, search for the most compatible medium that could be mould into my language and provide opportunity to experiment with the expression in correct form. In my research I did start with Paper works, Canvas Paintings, Metal Enameling plate, Gum Tempera, terracotta, and ceramic works that focused objectivity. Although my interest revolves around the 3D forms, I was excited about the idea of adding dimensions and involvement of different mediums to my thoughts and work.

Mr Ketan Mistry - Masters of Fine Arts (Director)

The very year of my Masters course in Fine arts in Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda initiated by the transition towards the Paper making subject and found great possibilities in medium to be transferred in 3D forms.
Viewer’s perception and communication through reaction is what basic intention of my work, though this gives me energy to execute further issue to throw light on viewer’s involvement. This would be through placing camera and mirror so that one can get reflections and see their reaction in particular situations that give spontaneous flash of thoughts. My work is not an answer but it’s a realization of my thoughts towards the life.

- Ketan Mistry

( Director )